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As stevedorers in East Java for more than 20 years, Pusaka Logistics is well aware of all challenges and operation considerations that may arise during a stevedoring process. No vessel is too small or too big for us, and we take pride in treating all of our customers equally.

What differentiates us from other stevedoring company is that we offer one-stop solution supported by our many fleets and staffs professionally trained in customs clearance. There is no need to contact several vendors due to fear of shortage of fleets. We know that a quick turnaround can save a lot of money, and that is why we always stay in close touch with the vessel owners, manager, or anyone involved in the project to work on what’s best for them.

To date, we have safely delivered more than 1 million tons of cargo, including, but not limited to, Hydrochloric Acid, Bentonite, Sulphur, Bead Molasses.

Pusaka logistic Stevedoring services include:

  • Stevedoring & Cargodoring
  • Receiving & Delivery
  • Equipment Provider
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Cargo Tally & Cargo Inspection
  • Heavy Project Cargo Handling
  • Reachstacker & Forklift rental services for container depot activities
  • Stevedoring Bag and Bulk Cargo at Ports
  • Trucking