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We are proud to have one of the biggest fleets in Indonesia, consisting of 800 trucks and counting. We take care of everything for you from the point of origin to the end destination.

Safety has always been our utmost priority. We strictly use trucks that are no older than 10 years of age and equip all of our fleets with GPS tracking system, hence ensuring secured and timely delivery of goods. It is also mandatory for every vehicle to undergo a thorough maintenance every month.

Transportation Hubs
(Surabaya Jakarta)
GPS Tracking
Dump Trucks
Road Tankers
ISO Tanks
20” & 40” Trailers

Our inland transportation services includes:

  • Bulk Liquid Transportation
  • Stainless Steel Road Tankers (With capacity ranging from 20,000 – 35,000 L)
  • Dump Trucks
  • 20 and 40 feet Trailers
  • ISO Tanks